Born between 1980 and 2000.

Raised by the speed of change, technology, and endless opportunities across the world.

Millennials want to do good, better, smarter, different and don’t want to miss out on the thing that is called ‘life’. 

Our generation struggles with many challenges and issues every day. 

FOMO? Pressure to succeed? Stress? High expectations?

Millennials are regularly in conflict with others and with themselves.

Some feel lost or overwhelmed.

Some feel stuck or even tired … whilst we are still so young. 

Millennial coaching in daily life.

To increase your overall well-being, it is helpful to know how to cope with this ever-changing and stressful world.

In my one-to-one coaching sessions, I equip you, millennial, with the tools to become effective and adaptable in your life.

Apart from our virtual meetings, you also get your own digital space. Tailored to your goal(s) and needs, and always accessible via desktop and app.

Here, we explore various fundamental aspects of positive psychology by using a range of science-based techniques and exercises.