The coaching process

In one to a few sessions, I bring clarity to what you want and what is holding you back in transforming limiting beliefs and in resolving inner conflicts. Your coaching process with me goes as follows:

  1. Discovery session (free of charge)
  2. Intake session
  3. First coaching session
  4. Regular coaching sessions
  5. Out-take interview

STEP 1: The discovery session.

A discovery session is an introductory session to see if working together is a good idea. This session last 15 minutes and happens over the phone. This session service multiple purposes.

  • It is a mutual interview of both of us.
  • To determine if we are a match regarding your needs and my skill set.
  • To determine if you are ready to be worked with – By asking you questions, I will clarify your level of investment, motivation, work ethic, etc. to ensure you are ready for coaching.
  • You determine if you are comfortable with and enjoy working with me.
  • I will listen to you and explain how I could guide you.
  • Based on your issues and goal, I can tell you what your financial investment will be when you decide to work with me – Some people require 2 sessions, others a series of 12.

STEP 2: The intake session.

The intake session is the first paid session. To better understand you, I will ask you to fill in the pre-coaching questionnaire, prior to this session. This is also a good moment to make sure we both understand our coaching agreement.

Pre-coaching questionnaire.
The pre-coaching questionnaire is a form that allows you to provide me with useful information. Such as; the reason you choose for coaching, your family dynamics, your age, medical information, your lifestyle, work, social environment, mindsets, and what you want to achieve with coaching. This document will serve as an in-depth client intake that will help me get to know you before jumping into designing your sessions.

Coaching agreement.
For both our protection, it is essential to have a signed coaching agreement in place before the beginning of the first session. This agreement will help you understand your role as client and my role as coach. It also clarifies the coaching process, what to expect in your first session, the nature of our relationship, and the parameters of coaching such as fees, length of session, and scheduling.

STEP 3: The first coaching session.

This first coaching session is all about setting your goal and what your struggle is really about. Based on the information you provided so far, I will ask effective questions to clarify:

  • Your needs, hopes, wishes, potential blockers etc.
  • If the goal you have is realistic.
  • The steps needed to reach that goal, and in what order.
  • What internal and external resources you have.
  • Which themes, tools and exercises you think are nice to work with.

STEP 4: The regular coaching sessions.

In my sessions, I will ask effective questions, listen, and ask again. The time we spend having a conversation, is used to making connections, summarizing what has been said, giving a vision, and explaining exercises and techniques.

I love to work with exercises and techniques because, in this way, you not only develop rationally, but also experience change in your body, behaviour, and beliefs. In general, the rule within the psychology of coaching is: the more I can get you to move (literally), the more the theoretical knowledge will sink in and be integrated into everyday thinking, acting and feeling.

Tools & techniques.

  • Questioning
  • Writing and journaling
  • Breathing and mindfulness
  • Visioning and fantasizing

STEP 5: The out-take session

The aim of the last coaching session is to bring everything together, so you can see a clear overview of where you were, where you have got to, and how you got there. I will ask you to report what you feel that you have learned through coaching and what you see as your future path, your next set of goals, and how you will achieve it. I will also check in with you to help you figure out ways that you can be vigilant of specific problems popping up again in your life to avoid them in the future.