The 4 struggles of millennials and how I can help as a life coach

If you feel pressured, stressed, lost, overwhelmed by life, disconnected from yourself and/or your environment, this program is meant for you.

I help you go from feeling overwhelmed by life without direction to become effective and adaptable in this ever-changing and stressful world.

When you develop a relevant mental toolkit to cope with your struggles, you can ensure yourself that life will start to feel less of a hassle every day.

There are 4 common struggles that millennials experience in everyday life. Here’s how I can help.

1. Pressure to succeed.

People generally pursue the conditions (the standard) of the society.

This is why most people spend their entire lives trying to meet the expectations that surround them.

When we live up to those beliefs, but fail to be better than the others or to be successful, millennials often develop the idea that they are not good enough.

At some moment, we then feel unsatisfied, overwhelmed, and lost or disconnected with ourselves.

In light of this, learning to be at peace with yourself is incredibly important in the nowadays overstimulated world.

Here’s how we develop that:

Instead of focusing what is accepted by the society, we have to break free from our conditioning by cultivating present moment awareness and accept ourselves.

We have to learn to get in touch with our own thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations again.

One way to do this is through self-observation, which simply means; contacting the present moment by objectively observing how you think and feel.

By doing this, we create the space to understand ourselves and others.

However, there is more:

We have to accept who we are.

Appreciate the small things, the good, and the bad.

We simply can’t excel in everything.

We have to accept that we are not perfect, that things not go as expected, that we fail, and that being the best of the best is actually an exception.

It means that a mediocre life – full of sour hardships and boring tasks – is and should be the condition.

And; When you are looking for meaning in life, this is THE place, where you will start to see YOU and use mostly you as a compass for all areas of life.

2. Stress.

The types of stressors we face today are different from the ones that our ancestors faced for thousands of years. Today, we face hardships of the ego.

More than ever before, we are bombarded by an overload of choices every minute of the day, a workload that doesn’t fit into the 40 hours work week, endless opportunities all across the world, and a non-stop go-go-go state.

But when stress persists for too long, your body does not or hardly returns to its resting state.

The result of this is that you can end up feeling burned out.

Yet, many people ignore the signals of their body – whether consciously or unconscionably – which is one of the most regretful things we can do.

Here’s how you learn to become good at stress:

Instead of keeping the automated pilot on, we stand still for a moment.

Catch a breath.

Observe the body and thoughts in stressful situations – all without judging.

By doing so, you learn about your response to stress.

What does your body tell you that you actually need or, should change?

The result?

A deeper sense of balance, connection, and… self-love.

3. Conflicts & Relationships

Human beings are social creatures.

This means, that the people we surround us with have a crucial role in our sense of belonging, wellbeing and support.

But how do millennials relate to a range of diverse people from different generations and cultures across the hyper-connected world we live today?

Here’s how you can build good relationships:

Together we look at the foundations of good relationships.

Curiosity. Trust. Communication. Boundaries. Compromise. To name a few.

What comes from this?

A thriving network of fantastic people who love and care about you and that you can feel safe to love and care.

4. #lifegoal.

When we were small, we were told that everything is possible.

We were excited about our future life.

But as time went by, we found out how difficult it is to get the life we once dreamed of.

The setbacks that life throws at you seem endless, and sometimes they feel merciless.

Truth is, we build stories around our failures that further shape our actions.

With each failure, our inner critic judges us more harshly, and we become more and more aware of our mistakes.

It becomes easy to feel overwhelmed and just give up on our excitement about the future.

But that doesn’t have to be the end of your story.

Here is how we set a new course for life:

First, we turn the automated pilot off by standing still about the questions who you are, what is important to you, and what you want.

Then we take on the role of a dreamer.

We allow ourselves to see all that we could become and recognize our full potential. We dream and brainstorm. Not only that, but we explore all that we would still like to be.

Then we take on the role of a strategist.

Together, we explore and build strategies using a variety of tools and techniques that identify and eliminate potential problems before you finally put the plan into action.

We design a strategy that is efficient, powerful, and flexible, so that you can properly address any challenges that come your way.

Your new plan will always be unique to you because it is built to take advantage of your unique talents and strengths.

With a solid plan at your back, the road to achieving your goal will not only feel comfortable, but attainable too.

The result of working with me on these common millennial struggles is an enjoyable step forward in your personal development and, more importantly, a life full of fulfilment.

This is what you are getting.

  • 100% customized coaching program
  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 coaching session
  • Access to your own digital learning environment
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Chat support

Here’s how to get started

This program starts at €75 per 50-minute session (extra sessions are available upon request) and is designed for millennials who are truly ready to make a change in their lives.

You must be willing to show up, dig in, and work on your personal development.

If you can commit to those three things, I can help you move in the direction you really want to go.

So, dear millennial, do you truly want to make a change in your life?

When your answer is “yes!”, then let’s set up a time to talk. You can ask me any questions you may have, and I will ask a few myself. If we both decide we are a good match, then we can move forward.

Let’s find out if we are a match: book a free discovery session.