Coaching is about your mindset

Most people choose for coaching because they are looking for concrete results that are often outside their world.

Do you want to feel less stressed from work? More money to gain financial freedom? A better relationship with your partner? Being able to communicate better with colleagues?

To achieve those results, coaching can help you with the necessary behavioural change — And that, millennials, is all about changing your mindset: a collection of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and goals.

Why and how coaching can help reprogram your mindset.

The core of coaching is working toward a clearly defined goal.

This means that coaching is always solution-oriented.

In one to several sessions, I bring clarity to what you really want and what is holding you back in transforming limiting beliefs and in resolving inner conflicts to be able to create ideas and come closer to your goal.


I help you in the following ways:

  • Gain clarity, understanding, and perspective.
  • Provoke deeper or alternative thinking.
  • Challenge current thinking.
  • Evaluate yourselves and your situation.
  • Explore options.
  • Explore facts, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Look at issues from a different point of view.
  • Plan and take action.

Used tools & techniques.

Through practice, you naturally develop more freedom in thinking, doing and feeling.

You will experience change in your body, behaviour, and beliefs because the rule within the psychology of coaching is: brains don’t like change, so the more I can get you to move (literally), the more change will sink in and be integrated into everyday thinking, acting and feeling.

With the following proven tools and techniques, I am able to get you moving:

  • Assessments
  • Questioning
  • Writing, reflections, and journaling
  • Breathing and mindfulness
  • Visioning and fantasizing

Your commitment

The effect of coaching mainly takes place after the session.

In everyday life when you are dealing with colleagues, friends, family, challenging situations, obstacles and (old) habits.

In order to achieve results as quickly as possible, each session is followed up with a concrete and measurable action.

You can put your learning from our session into practice by using your own digital learning environment that I constantly adapt to your progress and further needs – Accessible, whenever and wherever it works best for you.

Read more about my blended coaching approach here.