Blended coaching in daily life for lasting change

  • Do you want to become more self-aware? Let’s add mindfulness exercises to your day-to-day life.
  • Do you want to change a habit? Let’s keep a diary.
  • Do you want to have a better work-life balance? Let’s find ways to come closer to your ideal work-life life.
  • Do you want to find meaning in life? Let’s find ways to incorporate your values in day to day activities.
  • Do you want to become the director of your life? Let’s write your story.

Blended coaching is the solution you might have been looking for to integrate change and personal guidance in daily life.

Living the millennial lifestyle myself, I know how important it is to have a choice in planning your time and freedom in solving challenges.

What do I mean with blended coaching?

With blended coaching, I combine one-on-one coaching sessions (online and offline) with a digital learn environment that offer science-based activities and tools, constantly tailored to your progress and needs to reach your goal.

In this way, I will guide you personally while you are working on your own system of motives, beliefs, needs, and ideas to cultivate change in your everyday life.

Whenever and wherever it suits you best, you will be:

  • Doing assessments, surveys, scales, and other measurement tools to track your progress.
  • Doing homework exercises like activities, reflections, meditations, and interventions.
  • Enjoying relevant micro-learnings, course material and impactful quotes, videos, and inspirational messages.

The coaching process.

In one to a few sessions, I bring clarity to what you want and what is holding you back.

Your coaching process with me goes as follows:

  1. Discovery session (free of charge)
  2. Intake session
  3. First coaching session
  4. Regular coaching sessions
  5. Out-take interview

Read more about the content of each step of the coaching process here.